Weddings in Las Vegas

Weddings in Las Vegas

After the gambling tables, weddings must be the principal attraction of Las Vegas. Each year in Vegas, more than 120,000 weddings are celebrated, making it the world's 2nd most popular wedding location after Istanbul.

If you're looking to tie the knot in Las Vegas, here are some of the main things you´ll need to bear in mind:

Where to get married

Besides the hundreds of chapels that are located around the city, all the major hotels have their own altars to celebrate weddings. Most of the chapels offer both traditional and themed weddings (religious and civil).

Themed weddings

Although traditional weddings do take place in Vegas, it's much more common to see themed, quirky weddings.

Only in Vegas can you marry Elvis, get hitched in a helicopter or cruising on Lake Mead, or even have a nudist wedding.

How much does it cost to get married in Las Vegas?

Although it's possible to get married in Las Vegas for less than US$ 150, it's normal to pay around US$ 300 for a traditional wedding, which includes the use of the chapel, the ceremony, the flowers, the photograph, and transport to and from the hotel in a limousine.

If you want a themed wedding in which you marry Elvis, the cost will be slightly more than the traditional option. More dramatic options, such as taking a helicopter ride to get married in the Valley of Fire, will see significantly higher prices.

Legal issues

  • Both the bride and groom must be over the age of 18 years old. Children under the age of 18 years must be accompanied by an adult or legal guardian if they want to attend the wedding.
  • The price of the wedding license is US$ 77.
  • If you want the marriage to be legally recognized and valid in other countries you must pay US$ 10 for the ceremony and US$ 20 for the certificate.
  • The office where you can obtain the licenses (Clark County Marriage Bureau) is found at 201 Clark Avenue and is open from 8 am until midnight.

Advice and information

  • Language: Most of the chapels hold weddings in a range of languages.
  • Duration: The average duration of Las Vegas wedding ceremonies is half an hour. If you want to reserve more time for the ceremony, you can do so at the chapel.
  • The most popular days: Valentine's Day and New Year's are the most popular days for weddings in Las Vegas. We don't recommend planning a wedding for these days.
  • Wedding dress: Most people rent a wedding dress in Las Vegas. The nature of these express ceremonies means that most people feel it's unnecessary to purchase such an expensive item.
  • Witnesses: If you and your partner are unaccompanied in Vegas, then the chapel has will provide its own witnesses for your wedding.

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