The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon

Colorado’s Grand Canyon is one of World’s natural wonders and undoubtedly one of the essential tours for any Las Vegas holiday.

Carved by the course of the Colorado River over more than 2 billion years, the Grand Canyon measures an incredible 277 miles long and over a mile deep.

Areas of the Grand Canyon

West Rim

The western side of the Grand Canyon is the most popular part for visitors from Las Vegas, due to it being the closest point to the city of sin (approximately110 miles away).

This area, belonging to the Hualapai tribe, is characterized by magnificent sheer drops at the deepest parts of the canyon. It is also famous for the Skywalk, the glass-bottomed observation deck, situated over a 1300-meter drop.

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South Rim

Located in the heart of the Grand Canyon National Park, the South Rim is the most visited of the three areas of the Grand Canyon. The closest cities are Phoenix, Las Vegas and Albuquerque.

Geographically, this is a clearer area than the West and offers the stunning views which feature on every picture postcard of the Canyon.

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North Rim

The northern part of the Grand Canyon is the least visited and most isolated of the three, and with the least interesting views. As this is the highest part of the Canyon, it is often capped with snow and can only be visited between May and October.

Tours from Las Vegas do not come to this area. The closest city is Flagstaff.

How to get to the Grand Canyon

You can get to the Grand Canyon via road or by air in a helicopter or aircraft.

Arriving by car

In the past, getting to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas was a long journey. However, since the Hoover Dam Bypass was completed, this time has been cut in half. It currently takes just over 2 hours to get to the Grand Canyon by car.

In fact, our most popular tour to the Grand Canyon is currently by road. This option has two major advantages: it is considerably cheaper than by plane or helicopter, and it is the only tour to the Grand Canyon in which you will be accompanied by a guide.

If you have enough time and you like to drive, the cheapest way to visit the Grand Canyon is by renting a car in Las Vegas and making your own way there. Please bear in mind that the full ticket for the West Rim (Grand Canyon West) costs $75 including food. Once there, you can choose to do other activities such as horse rides or helicopter trips.

Trips by air

The quickest, most comfortable, and most memorable way to visit the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas is by reserving one of the many helicopter or light aircraft trips that take place daily. The different tours include light aircraft transport, helicopter rides to the river Colorado, boat tours, food, and various activities.

The price ranges from $219 per person (in light aircraft without landing) to more than $600 per person for the most comprehensive packages.

As there are so many tours to choose from, here we summarize some of our favorites:

  • Complete Grand Canyon and Skywalk: This is the most comprehensive tour available. It includes a light aircraft flight to the Grand Canyon, a helicopter ride to the bottom of the Canyon, a bus tour of the main viewpoints, access to the Skywalk observation platform, and a meal prepared by the Hualapai tribe.
  • Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour: Helicopter tour from beginning to end, with the possibility of descending to the bottom of the canyon to take breakfast and to fly over the strip to return to Las Vegas.
  • Trip to the South Rim by helicopter: This is the most complete option for those who want to visit the South Rim. It includes a flight in a helicopter.

You can view all the Las Vegas tours by clicking here.

What option is best for you?

All the tours we have mentioned are fantastic experiences and each has its own advantages. The choice would ultimately come down to your budget and how much you are willing to spend on a trip to the Grand Canyon.

One great advantage of traveling by road is that you will witness the surprising changes between the different landscapes. These are magnificent views on the two-hour journey, especially as you arrive into Dolan Springs, the closest town to the Grand Canyon. The pretty houses, the letterboxes on the streets, and the ‘forests’ of giant cactus are will leave an indelible impression.

If you opt to travel by air, besides saving time (approx. 1 hour), you will have the once in a lifetime experience of flying over the Hoover dam and descending into the Grand Canyon on board a light aircraft or helicopter.