Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon is a defined area of the Mojave desert where you can see fascinating rock formations.

The visit to Red Rock Canyon is based around a 13-mile route which takes in various viewpoints and places of interest. The best stops, and those where it is worth spending the most time, are the first ones, which means you are not left rushing to see everything.

If you like to do hiking, at each stop you will find different itineraries with different levels of difficulty. The different routes are between 1 and 6 miles.

Keystone Thrust Fault

Behind this name is one of the most famous fault lines in the world. You will recognize this point for the striking contrast between its two rocky layers - the red, more modern layer, is found underneath the grey one, which is much more ancient.

The formation of this fault line was produced during the alpine fault, when the Rocky Mountains were formed, around 62 million years ago.

A good trip

Although there is no comparison with the Grand Canyon and it is not as popular as the Valley of Fire, the proximity between this place and Las Vegas make it an interesting destination for the people that have a car and 3 hours free.

Discover just why this pace is visited every year by 1 million people, and remember, it is not recommended to move the rocks as, besides the donkeys, coyotes and other mammals, among the local fauna are snakes, scorpions, and poisonous spiders.


The visitor's center opens every day from 8 am to 4:30 pm.


$7 per vehicle.

Grand Canyon West Rim Day Trip US$ 130


Own transport.

Nearby places

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