Where to stay in Las Vegas

Where to stay in Las Vegas

Choosing accommodation in Las Vegas is a complicated task. Whereas in other cities it is a case of selecting the best one, in Vegas all the hotels are perfect.

When choosing your accommodation, bear in mind that you wherever you are staying, you can still access the other hotels, except for the pool area.

Best areas to sleep

Undoubtedly the best area to stay in Las Vegas is the Strip. Any hotel in the vicinity of Caesars Palace is an ideal option. This is in the center of the Strip and where most of the action takes place in Las Vegas.

Hotels in Las Vegas

The range of prices in Las Vegas is unrivaled in the States, from $15 in lesser known hotels away from the center, through to $300 a night for the most exclusive options in the center of the Strip. The cost very much depends on the season and the day of the week. Every weekend Vegas hosts many tourists arriving from the west coast.

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If you want to sleep in one of the famous large central hotels and don't find it in the search tool, you can go directly to the hotel's website to book directly.

Hostels and guesthouses in Las Vegas

Given the number of cheaper hotels that exist in Vegas, looking for a hostel is really not necessary. However, you can check the prices for hotels via the following link: