Taxis in Las Vegas

Taxis in Las Vegas

Taxi is the most comfortable and convenient way to get around Las Vegas. Whether on the street or at the entrance to your hotel, you will always find available taxis.

Taxi fares

The price of Taxis in Las Vegas is fairly high but as the journeys are relatively short, the fare normally doesn't exceed $10.

The longest journey you would make in a taxi, and therefore the most expensive, is getting from the airport to the city centre. This can cost between $15 and $20, depending on the hotel and the traffic. If you are staying in the area of Fremont Street, expect the fare to be about double.

Official fares

  • Minimum fare: $3.50.
  • Every additional 1/12th mile: $0.23.
  • Airport pickup supplement: $2.
  • Waiting time per hour: $32.40.


The standard practice in taxis is to round up to the next full dollar. It is possible that some drivers will also request an additional tip.

Paying a tip is not an obligation, but it is very common in all parts of the USA.

Taxi companies and contact numbers

More than a dozen taxi companies operate in Las Vegas and available taxis can easily be found in every area.

If you need to call a taxi, your hotel or restaurant can normally do this for you. Nevertheless, the following are some contact numbers for Taxi companies that may be useful:

  • Yellow Cab Co: 702-873-2000.
  • Vegas Western Cab Co: 702-736-6121.
  • A-Cab Co: 702-365-1900.