Pool Parties in Las Vegas

Pool Parties in Las Vegas

Pool parties are one of the latest trends in Las Vegas. They take place during the day in certain hotels around the city and involve DJs, a lot of drink, and beautiful people.

Vegas pool parties start at the end of April and continue until the end of October. The timetable is from around 10 or 11 am in the morning until the sun sets at the end of the afternoon.

You must be at least 21 years old to access these pools.

The most famous swimming pools

These are undoubtedly the three most trendy pools currently in the city:


Located in the Hard Rock Hotel, Rehab was the first pool party in Las Vegas in 2002. This party runs for 21 Sundays of the year and always a great atmosphere.

This party was initially conceived as a place to relax but immediately following its first weekend, it acquired the image it has today as a fun daytime party.

Wet Republic

Althgouh it is perhaps not the prettiest swimming pool, Wet Republic is certainly the largest and liveliest of the 'pool parties' in Las Vegas. You must bear in mind that it is located in the MGM Grand which is a favorite among the young crowd.

The pool party day here is Sunday.

Tao Beach

If Tao is a club that ignites the night, Toa Beach, in the Venetian, is one of the reference points for pool parties in Vegas. A beautiful pool with people to match.

Toa Beach tries to attract the people leaving from Rehab, with its Sunset Party on Sundays, which opens when the sun goes down.

Other important pools

Other famous pool parties are the following:

  • Azure in the Palazzo
  • Bare in the Mirage hotel
  • Daydream in M Resort (located at the far southern end of the Strip)
  • Venus Pool Club in Caesars Palace (DJ playing from Friday to Sunday)
  • Voodoo Beach in Rio


Nothing is free in Las Vegas and entering these daytime parties is no exception. The price of the ticket varies between $20 and $40 depending on the day and the hotel. Girls enter either for free or at least half price.

Just as for the nightclubs, it is worth looking for flyers offering discounts and free entry.