Shooting ranges in Las Vegas

Shooting ranges in Las Vegas

We have seen the shooting galleries on Hollywood films, but do they really exist?! This answer is yes. Although this activity might seem unusual to you, it's as American as apple pie!

In Las Vegas, dozens of shooting galleries exist, both indoor and outdoor. Pistols, rifles, shotguns, machine guns, and almost anything you can think of. Many of the galleries offer themed packages such as ‘Cold War’, ‘D-Day’, and ‘Iwo Jima’, which includes the arms used at those famous historical events.


Prices vary from $40 for twenty shots with a semiautomatic pistol, to $70 for a machine gun such as an AK-47. The most popular way to enjoy this experience, and what we would recommend, is to reserve a packet that includes different arms, starting from $99.

The icing on the cake to this fun activity is that in many galleries you get to choose the target you want to fire at (which you will take home as a souvenir), from Osama Bin Laden to a plane hijacker.

Safe and professional

In all these shooting ranges, you will be accompanied by professional instructors (normally ex-military) who will teach you how to use the firearm safely.

Which gallery should I go to?

Of all the Las Vegas shooting galleries, our favorite is battlefield Las Vegas. The reason, besides having an infinite assortment of weapons (from the classics through to a rotary minigun which releases 6000 bullets a minute), is that they offer free transport from your hotel in a military vehicle. This is the icing on the cake to a brilliant experience. There is also a huge exhibition of tanks, helicopters, and military vehicles.

If you want to enjoy this exclusive experience, you can make the reservation online through us, via the following link.

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