Transport in Las Vegas

Transport in Las Vegas

The tourist side of Las Vegas is all centered around one confined area - Las Vegas Boulevard, affectionately known as the Strip. From the Mandalay Bay casino, located at the far southern end, to Circus Circus, located at the far northern end, the distance is 2.5 miles.

In other regions, this distance could easily be covered on foot. However, in Las Vegas, the climate makes walking impractical and the common way to get around is by some form of vehicle transport. 

 Car rental

As in other parts of the USA, cars are fairly cheap to rent. This option is recommendable if you want to do you own self-guided excursions, for example to the Grand Canyon, or if you want to save money by staying in accommodation far from the tourist centre.

Car rental is not necessary for moving around the city centre, as taxis are not especially expensive and distances are relatively short.

It is useful to know that car parks in all the large hotels are free.

If you decide to rent a car for your trip to Las Vegas, then you will find the best prices using our search tool: