Las Vegas Monorail

Las Vegas Monorail

Besides thinking of the monorail just as a means of transport, just taking a ride on it is a Las Vegas experience in itself. It is a unique and delightful way of seeing Las Vegas.

The monorail is a cheaper alternative to taking a taxi when you need to travel longer distances in Las Vegas.

Is it worthwhile?

The monorail is a recommended option for solo travelers or couples that are staying in hotels which are located quite far from the center of the strip, such as Sahara or Stratosphere which are located at the end of the monorail.

However, the cost of the ticket isn't worth shorter journeys, and reaching the station at one end of the hotel is quite time-consuming.

Prices and tickets

The cost of an individual ticket is quite expensive so it is worth considering a multipass if you plan to use the monorail several times during your stay in Vegas.

Monorail prices
Type of ticket Price
Simple ticket US$ 5
Unlimited day pass US$ 12
Three-day pass US$ 29

Where to buy the tickets

Currently, the easiest way to purchase a pass for the monorail is to buy a mobile ticket using your smartphone or mobile device. You will then sane the pass at the ticket gate when you arrive. You may also print the ticket at home if you want. You can also purchase the ticket when you arrive at the station.


The monorail operates from 7 am to 2 am, Monday to Thursday. Friday to Sunday the service is extended until 3 am.